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How to Order for Other Locations

If you are an account administrator, you can easily order for all the locations that you manage. 

1. Log onto your Yuletide account. You will be taken to your account dashboard.


2. Click on "Manage Users" which is located on the bottom right sidebar.


3. You will see a list of users associated with your account

These are all the Departments or Locations associated with your account. We will have these all set up for you.


4. Select the user/location for which you need to order and click the "pencil" icon to the left of the name.

5. Choose the "impersonate" button to log on as this user


6. You will be taken to the home screen - logged in as your selected user.

You will log on as your location this way. This selects the department or location before placing the order.


7. You may browse and shop as usual. The order will be directed to the user's account.  Please note that all your favorites, shipping and billing information will be pre-populated for each location by our team.

8. When finished, you may choose "stop impersonating" to return to your own account.


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