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yuletide van 1972In 1972, Paul Miller Sr. was having difficulty finding a consistent supply of office products to support his publishing company. He thought if he was having such trouble, then surely other Mid-South companies must be experiencing the same need. His answer was to start his own company. As his idea took shape around the holidays, he used that as inspiration for his new company’s name: “Yuletide Office Supply.” He knew that the name “Yuletide” could inspire good feeling and memories of family which is what he wanted associated with the company.

The company’s first “office” was really a back room within the publishing company. Deliveries were made using a small van and each delivery package was wrapped in Christmas paper and included a candy cane. Yuletide’s tradition of service began to catch on and the company found itself outgrowing its meager headquarters. These growing pains continued as large supply trucks had no dock to drop off their daily shipments. Mr. Miller subdivided the land of their current location and Yuletide finally had its own home and warehouse.

Yuletide Office Solutions: HistoryIn the early 1990’s the era of big box retailers began to take hold, and the local independent companies began to fall as a result. Realizing the need to address the changing market, Yuletide’s President, Chris Miller, successfully moved the company into a national buying group, comprised of independent dealers across the nation. This consortium of dealers gave the company access to the same nationally branded products and competitive pricing which allowed Yuletide to continue servicing its customers with the high level of value and service they had come to expect.

As the company continued expanding into other product segments, the name “Yuletide Office Solutions” was adopted to represent its single-source services. To further serve its customers, Yuletide opened a furniture showroom in 2012. Although our boxes are no longer gift wrapped, each Yuletide package still includes a candy cane in a nod to earlier days.

One thing that has remained constant through the years is our unyielding commitment to providing the best customer service in the business. We believe in meeting all of our customers with a "yes we can" attitude and going the extra mile to earn your business. It is this commitment to service that has helped us earn long term customers and friends.  

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